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About RWBID.

Mission Statement

RWBID is a multi-disciplinary, INTEGRATED TEAM that is dedicated to providing CREATIVE solutions to complex design and construction projects. RWBID will COLLABORATE with each client and provide unsurpassed SERVICE, INNOVATION, AND PROFESSIONALISM for each project.


RWBID stands for “Rome Wasn’t Built In a Day.”  Like the interpretation of the saying, the Company believes that important projects take great time, care, and skill to execute. We believe that design and construction is more than drawings, meetings, and numbers — it is a collaboration of numerous participants from diverse backgrounds and experiences which, together, can result in creating buildings and spaces that have a meaningful impact on the built environment.   We take this responsibility seriously, and our main objective is that our Company will lead the way in shaping the environments that people use to lead their daily lives.

Because all projects are a sum of teams with varying backgrounds, the Company believes in a team approach for all projects. This approach starts with the Principal of the Company and continues through the Company's professional and administrative staff, our clients, consultants, contractors, and the community.  The Team is the essential building block of the project.

Our Brochure

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Our Clients

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